Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a valuable resource for engineers in the development of electronics projects. Among these AI tools, ChatGPT stands out as a capable assistant, providing answers during research and even generating and refining source code in various programming languages. A noteworthy development in this field comes from Elektor engineer Saad Imtiaz, who has designed a groundbreaking microcontroller system with the ability to program itself.

This innovation has drawn the attention of Elektor editor Brian Tristam Williams, who is set to launch a new series in Elektor dedicated to AI tools. For those intrigued by these advancements and curious about the making of the new Circuit Special by Elektor, there is an exciting opportunity not to be missed. The new LabTalk video show will air on Thursday, August 10th, at 6PM CEST on the Elektor TV YouTube Channel. This marks the return of the show after a brief hiatus, with regular episodes scheduled to be streamed moving forward!

For more information on upcoming shows, visit the Elektor website. Don't miss this chance to explore the exciting world of AI-driven electronics projects and witness the latest advancements in the field.