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Axiris 3 uur geleden
Beste Guus, Op het eerste zicht ziet de configuratiefile er goed uit. Ik kan wel niet beoordelen of het lokale ip-adres dat je aan de klok hebt toegekend, gateway adres en dns adres correct zijn voor jouw situatie. Eventueel kan je tijdelijk proberen door de klok op een dynamisch ip-adres in te stellen (dhcp) en te kijken of het dan werkt. Kijk ook na of je provider (of router) poort 123 (NTP) niet geblokkeerd heeft. Normaal is dat niet het geval maar je weet nooit... Wat de buis met zwakke lichtsterkte betreft raad ik je aan om contact op te nemen met de Elektor klantendienst voor een vervanging. Gelieve een foto mee te sturen van de klok (niet in werking) zodat de voorzijde van de buisjes goed zichtbaar is. De buisjes worden in diverse kleuren geleverd van licht goudkleurig tot donkerpaars en zo kunnen we een buisje met ongeveer de juiste kleur opsturen zodat het past bij jouw andere 5 buisjes. Met vriendelijke groet, Ilse
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
Guus Jansen
Guus Jansen 13 uur geleden
Dit zijn mijn gegevens maar de klok geeft alleen temp aan. Er is ook 1 tube die zeer zwak werkt tov de andere tubes. WiFi: -40 RSSI, connected * status:   CONNECTED (3) * local: * Subnet: * Gateway: * DNS #1: * MAC:      24:0A:C4:23:D5:58 * Hostname: VFD-Clock-ESP32 * SSID:     TP-LINK_A148_2.4G * BSSID:    D4:6E:0E:65:A1:48 wifi set ssid "TP-LINK_A148_2.4G" wifi set password "12278948" wifi set local wifi set subnet wifi set gateway wifi set dns 1 wifi set dns 2 wifi set method static wifi set hostname “your hostname” serial set echocmd yes cs set echocmd no ntp set hostname "" ntp set addr ntp set method hostname owtemp set enabled yes lm75 set enabled yes lm75 set adsel 0 clock set adjust + 01 00 00 clock set showdate yes clock set dateformat dmy clock set datesepmode off clock set hourformat 24 clock set hourlz yes clock set timesepmode blink clock set showtemp yes clock set tempformat celsius rgb set grad id 1 rgb set solid id 17 rgb set sleep raw 0 0 0 rgb set method grad rgb set grad apply main set wificonnect yes main set ntprequest yes main set ntprefresh 01 00 00 main set cmdsrvstart yes main set sleeptime 01 00 00 main set wakeuptime 06 30 00 main set sleepmode yes settings write
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
v3rtex 1 dag geleden
Absolutely right. At first i wanted to realise this project with a Adafruit Feather M0 circuit with an ATWINC1500 on top. Some months ago i've already used this for connecting a project of mine to my local 2.4 GHz wifi network and it worked very well. As Thomas Beck mentioned, LoRa has some advantages over Wifi especially range and frequency. Because of the metal housing of a car, i didn't want to cause any connection issues or other problems with communication range. Therefore the lower frequency should be better for this project.
Wireless car voltmeter
Thomas Beck
Thomas Beck 1 dag geleden
> Very much effort for just reading the battery voltage! Well, this is true ;) However, an OBD2 scanner is not suited for this job. The reasons are: 1. needs a vehicle that supports OBD2 2. needs a control module in the vehicle that supports an OBD2 service 0x01, PID 0x42 request (control module voltage)    Furthermore, control module voltage measured by a control module might be significantly less than battery voltage due to protection diodes or other circuitry being in the power supply path. 3. needs at least ignition on, engine off state - at least all cars with whose I have tested my OBD2 Labs projects (e.g. OBD2 for Arduino) needed this. With ignition on, all control modules of a vehicle are awake, vehicle busses are running and the battery is drained very fast. Therefore, OBD2 plugs which are permanently connected have a manual power switch or special circuitry to detect vehicle wakeup. When a vehicle is in sleep mode, these plugs are completely switched off or are in low-power mode, too. Furthermore, with LoRa you can achieve significantly larger distances between transmitter and receiver compared to WiFi or Bluetooth. Additionally, LoRa needs not much energy since the transmission time for a small packet is very short. Of course this comes with a drawback, data rate is very low. Since only a single voltage value has to be transmitted every 100 seconds, data rate does not matter.
Wireless car voltmeter
hoteloskar 1 dag geleden
Very much effort for just reading the battery voltage! What about using an OBD2 scanner which will be connected via Wifi or Bluetooth to your smartphone. Or taking an OBD2 connector and put in a self programmed ESP8266. But anyway, the idea monitoring the battery voltage is good, espacially in the winter season.
Wireless car voltmeter