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HanBo 3 dagen geleden
I have only a crude video of the operation of the project added here. Hit the title picture to see the diagram,   and values are given in the text.
Fading LED
ClemensValens 3 dagen geleden
This entry has been added to the contest. Please note that this entry is missing complete schematics and a video of a working prototype.
Fading LED
JACQUES DENAIN 5 dagen geleden
adddepannage 17 septembre 2017. Bravo,l'analogique n'est pas mort,pourquoi faire des circuits numériques comme des usines à gaz alors que des circuits éprouvés par des décennies de techniciens fonctionnent à merveille.Ils sont faciles à comprendre et éventuellement à dépanner;dans le numérique que se passe t-il quand cela est en panne.....faut -il tout changer? Cordialement.
Microphone preamplifier [140101]
elRetro 5 dagen geleden
Hello, C14 must be removed. The voltage supply has only a partial influence on the whistle. Without C14, the whistle is also permanently gone.
6-digit Nixie clock [150189]
F1Andy 5 dagen geleden
Firstly, apologies for not posting the C language version of software that I promised for this week...I suddenly got very busy and haven't had time to finish and test it. I should be able to post it next week though! For MPLABX there is a tutorial on Microchip's website: There are lots of video guides too - here are two that came up on Google : And this video shows how to load a prebuilt .hex file: You do need a programmer though - Arduino has bootloader built in and so you just use a USB cable; but generally PIC boards need a programmer - such as the PICKIT3.  It is available online from many distributors. When I upload the C language version, I will zip up the complete project so it should be a little easier... Andy
6-digit Nixie clock [150189]