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Michel DUC
Michel DUC 3 uur geleden
these one are referenced as K-LD2 and K-LD7
Experimental Doppler Radar [160385]
Michel DUC
Michel DUC 3 uur geleden
Hello the K-LC6 is very close to the k-LC5, inn fact the benefit of the K-LC6 is the detection range but the detection angle is reduced in horizontal.  We are RFbeamdistributor for France. The K-LC6 was used for some drones and when limited range of the K-LC5 was a problem.  If you need really higher range you have to use a K-MCx  from Rfbeam. Of course le module is bigger.  You have to know that Rfbeam offer now  radars with K-LC2 or K-LC7 with integrated signal processor communicating with host uC  with a serial link. 
Experimental Doppler Radar [160385]
Evert 6 uur geleden
Hi,  In the mean time RFbeam has also an K-LC6 available, which has a less wider beam. I would say this is better for several use cases. At Rfbeam they advised me to use this one for my application. From a hardware point of view it has the same interfaces. Can someone tell if this is also compatible from a software point of view?  
Experimental Doppler Radar [160385]
Sascha Löbbert
Sascha Löbbert 10 uur geleden
Hi! Today I found this in China. Should work perfect with LUX und UV Sensor. Solar panel is not needed, so it will be removed.
Firmware update ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
ElektorLabs 11 uur geleden
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