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Dieter Aschmann

10-fold LED constant current source Variable.

Status: Voorstel
24 november 2019 , Laatste update: 24 november 2019

It's soon the time of lights, Christmas. It's not just for this reason that I developed this circuit. It is also possible to select 10 LEDs for brightness. The current flowing through the LED is very accurate and only depends on the tolerance of the resistors R1, R3, R5, R7, R9, R11, R13, R15, R17, and R19. I used 1% tolerance. In the schematic, the formula for calculating the above is available. resistors and values for 15mA to 25mA. With 12V plug power supply it is also possible to connect up to three white Superhell LED per "channel" in series. The IC used also allow 24V as a supply. In this case, a series connection of six LEDs would also be possible. Maximum 30 or 60 LEDs. If you take colors with a lower flow voltage such as red, the number of LEDs in the series circuit naturally increases.
The circuit is 100% SMD-designed, but everything can still be soldered by hand.
The LEDs are connected via 2-pin connectors. So that not all 10 "channels" have to be occupied.
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Dieter Aschmann
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