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Clock / scoreboard / timer with LEDitron modules (180533 / 160205)

Status: Afgerond
16 augustus 2017 , Laatste update: 24 september 2018
in Elektor magazine | November 2017 | Hier te vinden
While playing around with a LEDitron 7-segment display, it occured to me that there was a broad use for these large LED-filament displays. If we could convert this into a four digit control unit, we could use it as a running timer/counter for events like cycling events, or downhill soapbox racing, or as a large scoreboard for games like tennis, volleybal, basebal, footbal or whatever!

Also we could use it simply as a large clock in the office or at home.

The software below offers a nice starting platform for you own projects. Anyone familiar with the Arduino IDE should be able to realize his or her own ideas and projects. For this reason we used an ATmega328P as the heart of this circuit and to control the four large 7-segment displays, built from LED filament lamps.

We modified the power supply of our previous design (see LEDitron project nr. 150448) so it could power four digits, and enhanced the PCB design.
Please take a look at the new schematic and PCB design below.
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