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ATX to bench top lab power supply adapter (120619)

Status: Afgerond
19 juli 2012
in Elektor magazine | December 2013 | Hier te vinden

This ATX bench top power supply adapter board allows you to convert any standard ATX computer power supply into a convenient supply for breadboarding and general electronics workbench use — simply and elegantly.

Published in issue 438, June 2013


This open-frame design can optionally be mounted in an enclosure of the user's choice. There are many "how-to"s out on the web encouraging people to hack open a surplus computer power supply and put binding posts on it for providing a simple, high-capacity supply offering +3.3V, +5V, and +/-12V rails for general electronics lab work. However, the option of hacking into your ATX PSU has some serious draw-backs:

  • Safety isolation clearances may be compromised, potentially risking life and limb;
  • Once you've hacked the PSU, it's no longer able to be put back into use as a computer power supply.

Ergo, the solution here is to provide a break-out board with an ATX header and necessary on/off circuitry as well as standard-spaced binding posts for plugging in single or dual banana plugs. An additional novelty of this board is the unique plated slots around its edge, which are used to clip on "alligator" style test leads as well.

This project is already complete, tested and boards are in production - it just needs to be approved for sharing on Elektor Projects. See the design description and photos of the finished product at



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Assembled board
blank PCB - Gold plated for extra current capacity
ATX header goes on the rear.

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