ESP32-based (home) automation computer to control almost anything.

This ESP32-based (home) automation computer can control almost anything and integrates into most, if not all, popular home automation controllers.

This project started out as a thermostat with Wi-Fi to keep an eye on the temperature in a wine cellar and was published in the September 2021 edition of Elektor with the title “ESP32 Connected Thermostat”.

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Automation Computer

While preparing the project for publication it became quickly clear that it was much more versatile than just a thermostat. The author already used it as a humidity controller and another one keeps the water in his swimming pool clean. At Elektor we have used it for precise light intensity measurements, and we connected a serial lidar to it for distance measurements and intruder detection. Since it is more a kind of (home) automation computer than a thermostat, we renamed it to Automator.


The Automator is based on a freely programmable ESP32 module, so it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A small OLED display can be mounted, it has a relay, and some configurable extension ports. These days many sensors and actuators come as small modules with either a serial, SPI or I2C bus and they can be hooked up easily, allowing all sorts of applications. Of course, there are a few LEDs too, and a buzzer.

The device has an AC power supply built in that accepts anything from 100 VAC up to 240 VAC and 50 Hz to 60 Hz. As it fits inside a waterproof enclosure, it can be installed outdoors and in other humid environments.

The Automator baseboard contains only through-hole components so it can easily be modified if needed.


On the software side, the Automator is, of course, 100% compatible with the ESP32 Connected Thermostat. It can also run ESPHome and therefore integrates with Home Assistant, our preferred home automation controller. But, being basically an ESP32, the device integrates into a multitude of home automation systems. Stand-alone operation is perfectly fine too, of course.

Elektor Jumpstarter

A Jumpstarter campaign has been launched to measure the interest for this project as a product. If enough people back this campaign, Elektor will take the Automator into production. The final product will be a complete kit of parts (all through-hole) including an IP65 enclosure with transparent cover.

Jumpstarter Details

Unit price: € 59.95
Target: 100
Deadline: December 31, 2021