This clock counts the play time of 2 players, like a chess clock.

On a phantasmagorical setting, the 2 players compete against armies of imaginary creatures. Once the figurines are placed on the board and the strategies refined... time is running out! This project is the essential complement for players.

A game can last several hours (generally no more than 4 hours), and this time is defined at the start of the game. Each player is allocated half this time. The CHRONOS clock ensures that each player's playing time is repected. It works similarly to a chess clock. Using it is just as simple:
  • the duration of the game is defined at the start of the game, up to 9 hours, in 10-minute steps,
  • the first player starts his counter by pressing his button,
  • when he has completed his move, the other player presses his button,
  • and so on, until the time set at the start of the game is reached.

Each time a button is pressed, a beep is emitted.

At the end of the game, when one of the 2 players' time is up, CHRONOS automatically switches to the other player: this change, signaled by a beep, ensures that the other player doesn't lose time.