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Dangerous Jingle Bells at 30kV

Status: Voorstel
16 december 2019
Arduino Pro Mini playing high voltage Jingle Bells tune through the sparks generated by a 30kV flyback transformer. The Arduino Pro mini plays the tune via a PWM output. The PWM frequency is changed corresponding to the muscial note frequencies. The PWM duty cycle is set fixed to ca. 15%, so the magnetic flux in the magnetic core of the flyback transformer can build up without saturating while playing the lowest note frequency in the song. The duty cycle can not be too low, because then the higher frequencies won't generate enough flux in the magnetic core of the transformer to create sparks, since the pulses will be too short. The primary winding of the flyback transformer is only about 10 windings of 0.4mm enamelled copper wire, so it has a very low resistance and inductance. The primary winding is controlled by an IRF540 MOSFET and the gate of the MOSFET is connected via a transistor buffer to the PWM output of the Arduino Pro mini. To store the energy that will be pumped into the primary winding of the flybkack transformer by the MOSFET, 2x 6800uF electrolytic capacitors are connected in parallel. These are charged to 12V and buffer the charge that is dumped in the transformer.
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