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Electronic Switch Speakers

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28 september 2013
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Some people like to listen to a 5 +1 system, but do not give up a stereo system. However, use of both systems in the same environment requires the use of eight speakers. As the 5 +1 system and stereo system has a common front speaker to the left channel and one front speaker to the right channel, the idea of a switch of speakers to connect the system or the 5 +1 system stereo, the two front speakers, keeping only the speaker system 5 +1.

At first it was thought in the use of relays to switch the left and right outputs of the system 5 +1 or the left and right outputs stereo system, with speakers front left and right, respectively. However, the relay contacts suffer wear and can cause loss or distortion of the audio signal. Then a switch is made based on a solid-state relay with the use of MOSFET transistors. So the system becomes faster and without the problems presented by the relays.

The switch consists of two solid state relays (with MOSFETs), a control panel microprocessor (developed around the Microchip PIC16F1823) and an infrared remote control (developed around the Microchip PIC12F1822). To turn on the switch, we use the PWR button panel switch or the PWR button infrared remote control. To determine which system will be connected to the front speakers, you use the button CHN panel switches or CHN button infrared remote control.

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Solid-state relay pcb
Solid-state relay pcb
Control board
Internal connections
Connections of inputs and outputs
Internal connections

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