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POV Fidget Spinner [160595]

Status: Voorstel
9 juli 2017 , Laatste update: 14 november 2017
in Elektor magazine | July 2018 | Hier te vinden
This one will not only be one of the popular fidget spinners. It will be a persistance of vision display. While spinning the toy, it will display Names, Messages or animation.
It will work from two CR2032 standard coin cells. It has a push-button to turn it on, change display modes and turn it off. To save batteries it also has a automatic power-off circuit.
Additionally a 3d-printed housing will be made.
This is a work-in-pogress. The picture shows the first prototype made of cardboard. It works, but it will be improved a lot.
The schematics file shows the second approach. I ordered a pcb of this version. It contains some changes to the prototype so development of the software will be made with this one.

More information and a more detailed description will follow...
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This is the cardboard prototype
Cardboard Prototype in action
The first real PCB. Ready to be populated :-)
Front of fully assembled board
Rear of fully assembled board
Outer side of the 3d printed housing
Inner side of the 3d printed housing
Front of completely mounted spinner
Back of completely mounted spinner
Completely mounted spinner
The new spinner in housing, spinning.
How to salvage a ball-bearing from a cheap chinese spinner.
Communication interface connected (USB-Serial-BOB)
Housing with programmer/communication cut-out
Communicator connected
USB communication interface
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    Software (77.31 KB )
    Fidget-Spinner software with command line interface.

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