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Reload "CAR-HiFi-Booster" Elektor 10/1994

Status: Voorstel
7 augustus 2018
The Elektor Car Booster 10/1994 is an excellent audio amplifier with outstanding features. Unfortunately, the Car Booster was developed only for use in vehicles. There for a special switching power supply was necessary to increase the 12V on-board voltage. In this project, a new 230V power supply was developed, the protection circuits was revised also small changes to the amplifier. The result is a excellent amplifier with a phenomenal sound.
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The housing is made of stainless steel.
The Font ist draw by a Laser.
The 500VA transformer is shielded with 3mm thick iron.
Revised Elektor Car-HiFi-Booster.
In current version a micrcontroller control the amplifier.

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