Galileo's thermometer is a pretty vintage object, and it is often lazy, then wrong. Here is an innovative idea to help it being more accurate.

Galileo's thermometer is made of ludions whose buoyancy depends on the temperature. When it varies slowly, they may stick together or to the tube and not dive or float when they should. This hysteresis can be corrected by shaking (carefully!) the tube, to be done several times a day.
Hence the idea to automate that. Of course, the device must be very discrete, hidden under the thermometer, and autonomous.
The principle is to use a vibrator taken from a dead phone, embedded into a small round box making a nice base for the thermometer. A timer will activate it periodically.
Then the power could be provided by a round solar cell on the top of the box, the energy being stored in a flat battery between the activation times.
The electronic challenge is there: a little circuit to store enough energy to vibrate 4 or 5s every N hours.
And the fun is in the contrast: all that for that !  B-D
Do you like it ?