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Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]

Status: Afgerond
25 februari 2016 , Laatste update: 12 april 2016
in Elektor magazine | July 2016 | Hier te vinden
This shield is based on the extremely popular SDR-project published in the May 2007 issue of Elektor Electronics. The original author Burkhard Kainka also made this new design, now as a shield for an Arduino Uno (-based) microcontroller board. The antenna preselector section was omitted and the CY27EE16 programmable oscillator replaced by a SI5351 from Silicon Labs. And of course the Arduino board takes over the functions of the FT232R USB interface in the original design.

The first prototypes are built and tested and it looks like only some firmware tweaks are needed to finish this project!
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