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T-Board Adapter

Status: Voorstel
1 mei 2016
Because of the lack of useful terminals on the breadboard, I designed this T-Board.
Breadboard protoyping is often used in the field of education.
As there do not exist any useful terminals to connect the breadboard to external power supply or measurement equipments, it was for example difficult to show the students in a practical way how to realize simple breadboard circuits.

This T-board which was built to provide useful terminals for your breadboard, makes it easy to conntect supply and measure equipments with standard connecting cables.
The terminals which are linked to the T-board 2x12-pin connectors, fit on a standard bread-board.
The distance between the yellow banana-terminals is 19mm which allows to use a banana – BNC Adapter.
Additionally, the T-board includes a switch, some trimpots and a 1x4 pinheader.
On the bottom of the PCB there is a DC standard powerplug connector which can also be used to supply the bread board with an onboard 3.3V/5V voltage regulator.

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