WiFi thermostat developed around an ESP32 circuit + OLED display. Particular attention has been paid to the WEB interface (thanks to my friend Stéphane Calderoni for his help) compatible with all web browsers and smartphones.

If you are interested in buying this project as a kit of parts please go to its Elektor Jumpstarter page. There you'll find a slightly improved & extended version of this project renamed to 'Automator'. If enough people sign up for a kit, Elektor will launch its production.

It was while making the excellent Elektor Wifi Thermostat that I came up with the idea for this achievement..
Roy Aarts & Clemens Valens of Lab Elektor have been able to optimize the use of ESP8266
I tried porting their software to an ESP32, but gave up in the face of the work it took.
So I decided to start from scratch, taking inspiration from what had already been done (Web interface, NTP clock, regulation with programmable hysteresis, etc.), but by significantly improving the Web interface and its shortcomings at the time ( in particular the Java script did not allow a real real-time refresh of the user interface).
I have also decided to add a small OLED screen, which is very practical and which allows this thermostat to be used even if the WiFi connection is interrupted (degraded mode).