After uploading your BOM and Gerber files, your prototype will be on your desk within 5 working days. This is possible because of the instant online links between myProto and the biggest component and PCB suppliers. After uploading your files, your total costs will be available immediately. The costs of the PCBs and the components compose a large part of the total costs. The myProto platform contains a default process for supplying components and PCBs yourself. Respecting the streamline of myProto and supplying the goods yourself, you can achieve fast and secure delivery within the requested time, starting from 5 working days.

Indicate the self-delivery components

myProto has made the self-delivery of pcbs and components as easy as possible. After defining the PCB parameters, you can indicate whether or not you wish to supply the PCB yourself. And after uploading the BOM list it is also easy to indicate which components you will supply yourself as well. Of course, we would like to know the characteristics of the components, as to prevent delays or other eventualities.

Print PDF Labels

When you have placed the order, myProto will send you an email with the labels in PDF-format, for the components that you have indicated for self-delivery. You print the labels on a sticker and stick this on the package with components that will be sent to us.

Delivery within 5 working days possible

Delivery within 5 working days will still be possible when we receive the components 3 days before the noted shipment date. This means, that when you select delivery within 5 working days, we need to receive the components within the next 2 days to be able to guarantee the 5-day delivery.

Delay self-delivery components

By choosing the self-delivery option when ordering a PCBA through myProto, you are temporarily joining our list of suppliers and we expect the same delivery quality from you as from any of our other suppliers. At myProto we aim to deliver our circuits either on time or in advance when this is possible. Because our production line is often full and running continuously, we have organised ourselves in the best manner possible in order to meet and deliver every order in due time. When you choose to deliver your own components, you basically become a partner that is required to deliver the components in due time or in advance again if possible. Any delays in delivery will have an effect on the circuits preparation and production. This will not only delay your circuits, but might impact other productions. Please understand that this process absolutely depends on your capacity to deliver the components in due time and in an adequate packaging. myProto is your best partner for the production of your PCBA circuits and as such, we are always willing to adapt ourselves in order to make your life simpler and help you get your prototypes ready and out there.

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