Feeling entrepreneurial? Developing an electronic product is never easy. Technical challenges (both hardware and software), supplier issues, and government rules and regulations are typically factors to consider. And if you add a global pandemic to the mix, the entire process can seem downright impossible. Fortunately, Elektor is here to help.

In the webinar, “Electronic Product Development in 2020 and Beyond,” Elektor engineers Clemens Valens and Stuart Cording will speak with Jason Long (Founder, Engenuics Technologies) and Ruben van der Vleuten (Cofounder, FROLIC studio) about the challenges associated with developing electronic products during difficult times. Register now to hear these talented innovators discuss their technical experiences and share their insights about the future of electronic product design.

Elektor Embedded Systems Design and Programming Course
Embedded Systems Design and Programming Course
  • Webinar: Electronic Product Development in 2020 and Beyond
  • Date/Time: September 29, 2020, at 16.00 CET
  • Language: English

Throughout the live webinar, attendees can submit questions and comments for the panelists. At the end of the webinar, we will give away 1 Elektor bundle, Embedded Systems Design and Programming Course, and 3 copies of Jason Long's book, Embedded in Embedded (Elektor 2018). We will randomly select winners from the list of webinar attendees! 

The Speakers

Jason Long - Product Development WebinarJason Long is an electrical engineer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He graduated from the Schulich School of Engineering in 2002 and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Engineering specializing in STEM education. Long has spent his career in the high-tech electronics industry specializing in embedded systems. He has designed or worked with products ranging from GPS tracking devices to military communications systems. At the same time, he has volunteered over 10,000 hours to teach students about engineering applications, technology, and leadership. In 1999, Long started the Embedded in Embedded (EiE) university program, and in 2010 he launched Engenuics Technologies, which focuses on engineering education. Long’s book, Embedded in Embedded: ARM Cortex-M Embedded Design from 0 to 1 (Elektor 2018), is available at in the Elektor Store.

Ruben Vleuten - Product development webinarRuben van der Vleuten is the Technical Director at Amsterdam-based FROLIC studio, which he co-founded with Andrew Spitz in 2013. He has also held positions at Crowded Cities, Urogyn, and VanBerlo. Vleuten earned a Master's degree in Interaction Design at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His products and projects include: Smartians cloud-connected motors, Intel Edison Table, KLM Care Tag, and Blind Maps navigation system for the iPhone.

elektor webinarClemens Valens is the Technical Manager of Elektor Labs. He holds a BSc in Electronics and an MSc in Electronics and Information Technology. Valens started working for Elektor in 2008 as editor in chief of Elektor France, and he has also worked as an editor for Elektor UK/US and ElektorMagazine.com. He currently produces engineering tutorials and product reviews at Elektor TV. In recent videos, Clemens covered the following topics and more: Arduino compiler optimizations, GitHub essentials, home automation, getting started with KiCad EDA, and several informative product reviews. 

Stuart Cording - Elektor WebinarStuart Cording is an engineer and journalist with more than 25 years of experience in the electronics industry. He has held positions at National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Microchip Technology, Atmel, iSYSTEM, and Publitek. Cording’s recent articles appear at ElektorMagazine.com and in Elektor Industry magazine.

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