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Andreas Litmanowitsch
Andreas Litmanowitsch 9 uur geleden
Since the age of 12 electronics is my intensive hobby. Now I am 66. This lab is in a room of my apartment. Soldering SMD components is for me a kind of ZEN exercise. Take a closer look, I'm under observation ;-)
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petrus bitbyter
petrus bitbyter 9 uur geleden
I have my doubts whether this circuit is working with an almost exhausted battery. Even without analysing it, I see a zener that requires 10mA to do what it has to do. At the 4.7V it means a 47mW, a lot of power from an almost exhausted battery. Did you really build this circuit? I like to see the results. petrus bitbyter  
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Olivier Sannier
Olivier Sannier 15 uur geleden
Well, it's not as clean as I would like it to be, but projects are always storming in my mind, the latest being communication between my electricity counter (Linky) and an Elastic search databse. Mind you, my main PC monitor stopped working so what you are seeing in the middle is its power board where I'm about to replace four electrolytic capacitors that have inflated up until their death. Turns out the manufacturer used 16V parts for the 15V rail, except for the only one that survived which, unsuprisingly is rated 25V...
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Jose Maria Vernet Becedas
Jose Maria Vernet Becedas 20 uur geleden
I'will wait for your comment's ...  
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hens 1 dag geleden
Always a mess, as it should be. Exploring electronics never stops.
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