The complexity of product development has greatly increased because more and more electronics are added to the products. However, the importance of a professional PCBA prototype is still underestimated regularly. At the Industrial Design Seminar of Electronics & Applications (Wednesday morning May 15th) Marc Vertongen will give a lecture on ‘How to enhance prototyping efficiency and streamline product development’. Visitors can attend this seminar for free. If you are unable to attend, you can still receive the slides. Send an email to info[at]

Industrial Design Seminar
15th of May
10.30 – 10.55 Marc Vertongen, DVC myProto

How to enhance prototyping efficiency and streamline product development

Electronics are omnipresent in our daily lives and have brought us a degree of comfort never seen before. We only realize this when we aren’t able to enjoy this comfort anymore. And yet, the tools of production and ordering haven’t evolved that much in order to procure the same comfort and ease of use that they should.

At the moment it is still quite tedious and complicated to process an idea into a fully-fledged customer product. This is why myProto was created. At DVC we have been designing and manufacturing electronic circuits for the past thirty years and our team has always been close and gathered all the issues at every stage: from design to distribution. We know where things can get tough and how these steps should be handled.

myProto aims to share this knowledge with our users and enables them to speed up the prototyping and testing and corrections of their projects into a final product.

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