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Multi-Purpose Data Acquisition Board for a Sounding Balloon [130082]

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17 november 2012

Elektor.POST nr. 17

Transmitting data from a capsule dangling from a weather or sounding balloon is not easy as it often involves expensive and sophisticated equipment. Luckily, cheap alternatives exist. The board presented in this article together with a standard radio transmitter and GPS receiver can be used to beam down up to six analog signals and position data from a balloon, and all of that at very low cost. Our heads are not the clouds either—this project has been up in the air twice already!

Click on one of the links below to download the article:

Addition: the pressure sensor used is an easy to find MPX5100AP from Freescale (originally Motorola).

Correction: the last paragraph states that in France the capsule must measure "at least 30 cm". This should be "at most 30 cm per side".

Please note that the article's opening photo shows a professionnal weather balloon, not the balloon used by the author.

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The populated board as used by the author.
Complete setup of the system, including the board, the VHF radio and the GPS.
Double jack connector of the Baofeng UV-5R VHF radio. Only three of the six signals are used here.
A look inside the capsule: there's enough room for everything!
Example of an AFSK transmission.
Port configuration in AGWPE.
Screenshot of Packet Engine, showing some received data.
Temperature registered during the test flight.
Altitude registered by the GPS. The balloon burst at 30,000 m, which can be clearly seen here.
The balloon up in the air.

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