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ElektorLabs 43 minuten geleden
Version 1.4 is released and now using the ArduinoJson 6.x  Best Regards ElektorLabs
ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
ElektorLabs 45 minuten geleden
Hello, Version 1.4 is now arround and has experimental support fot the honnywhell sensor. By experimental this means, may cause the end of the world or may kill cute kittens, is not tested as we don't have the sensor in the lab. To enable the sensor you need to change a define in the firmware on top where the SDS011 is initiated.  @Jerry: Did you also Upload the Webcontent to the ESP and have you configured it for you WiFi ? If not Configured  the ESP32 shall stat the Accesspoint and from 1.3 onwards you shall see a Wifi "ESP32 Weatherstation XX:XX:XX" where the X are a part of the device MAC Address. Best Regards Elektor Labs
ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
Axiris 15 uur geleden
Historically, the IV-22 tubes and DM160 tubes were never used together and the DM160 tubes are indeed more faint when compared to the IV-22 tubes. To get more light output you can try the following: - You can mount the 100K resistors R3 and R4 on the tube board in the "B" position. This increases the grid voltage to 5 V. Please note that this is in violation with the datasheet which mentions an absolute maximum value of 0 V for the grid voltage. I did try this with no apparent problems, so you can do this at your own risk. - You can also lower the values of the 3R3 resistors R1 and R2 (or even replace them with a short). This will increase the filament current and also increases the light output but may shorten the life of the tube. You can ask the customer service for a replacement IV-22 tube but these tubes come in a number of different colors, so it is important that you get a tube with more or less the same color as your existing tubes. If you go for the replacement, please send them a photo of your tubes so they can match colors. For the best results (considering esthetics) you can also consider buying a lot of 20-30 tubes on eBay and hand pick them for an as nice as possible display.
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
M.Th. Meeuwes
M.Th. Meeuwes 1 dag geleden
Hi, After building my clock and installing the software, everything works fine. Though installing took me a lot of trouble. But finally it works. But my problem is, that the DM160s are very faint. After building the clock, I've checked and adjusted all the voltages and resistances, as described in the assembly manual, but those two fillaments remain very faint, compared with the other tubes. They light up, bur not enough. What went wrong and/or what can I do? Second problem: the inside of 1 of the tubes is crooked, so the number is too oblique. Can I replace it? A problem may be the colors, I've read somewhere above.
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
ElektorLabs 2 dagen geleden
You mean that it would be some kind of dongle to unlock the PC? I am sure that will be interesting for many people.
Simple USB/Microcontroller Module