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Hens Baltesen
Hens Baltesen 3 uur geleden
I just look in the mailbox then, or mousetrap, fridge, coffee pot, etc. Next is an device I can put in my woman to see if she's willing. ​This IoT-hype is a total waste of time and energy!
My mouse is connected to the Wide Area Network !
ElektorLabs 16 uur geleden
The kits have arrived in our warehouse but when checking them we discovered that they contained wrong connectors :-( Now we are waiting for the right connectors, which should arrive shortly. Then we can update the kits and finally start shipping.
180348 DIY soldering station
Floyd Walser
Floyd Walser 20 uur geleden
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A GPS tracker for ultra-endurance cyclists
Aubinais 2 dagen geleden
I am not a mouse specialist. The project is LoRaWAN's description. It's up to you to use it for another project: mail in a mailbox ...
My mouse is connected to the Wide Area Network !
Aubinais 2 dagen geleden
LoRaWAN is rather used in BroadCast mode so it isn't possible to get confirmation that the notification received.
My mouse is connected to the Wide Area Network !