During the past 60 years, Elektor has chronicled and contributed to electronics history, from the transistors of the 1960s to the present-day MCUs and FPGAs. In this special issue of Elektor, we shine a light on six decades of electronics and Elektor. We also prepare you for the upcoming productronica 2021 trade show and the World Ethical Electronics Forum. Let's take a look inside the exciting special edition.

Inside the Issue

Elektor Mag Industry Edition November 2021

60 Years of Electronics and Elektor
  • The 1960s
  • Enter: Solid-State Electronics
  • The Transition from Tubes to Transistors in Dutch Higher Education
  • Tubes to Transistors

The 1970s
  • The Micro Movement
  • The Birth of the Microprocessor: The Intel 4004
  • Elektor in the 1970s and Beyond: Q&A with Karel Walraven
FORMANT - The Elektor Music Synthesizer (Elektor May 1977)
FORMANT - The Elektor Music Synthesizer (Elektor May 1977)
The 1980s
  • A Computing Revolution
  • The Battle of 8-Bit Home Computers
  • Audio Electronics in the 1980s: Jan Didden on Audio, Engineering, and Elektor

The 1990s
  • Digitization in the 1990s
  • Web 1.0: Welcome to the Internet: Computers Get Connected
  • Engineering in the 1990s: Martin Jepkens on ’90s-Era Tech and More
MCU boom the 2000s
The 2000s
  • Microcontrollers for Everyone
  • Microcontrollers Take the Stage
  • The Microcontroller Boom: From 8 to 32 Bits in a Decade
  • The Rise of Arduino: An Interview with David Cuartielles

The 2010s
  • The 2010s and Beyond: The IoT Explosion
  • The Past, Present, and Future of the Internet of Things
  • A Decade of Raspberry Pi: Eben Upton on the Past, Present, and Future

productronica 2021 Special
  • Waiting for Chips: The Crisis Continues
  • Electronics Manufacturing Simplified: Felix Plitzko on Making Hardware “Less Hard”
  • productronica 2021 and the Future of Electronics Production: An Interview with Barbara Müller
  • Understanding Power Conversion and the Popular Topologies
  • Innovative Solder Wires: Heading for the Future at High Speed
  • EMC and Efficiency Optimization of High Power DC/DC Converters
  • Research Resolves One Issue, Opens New Opportunities: A Versatile New Flux Platform
  • eloprint Introduces a New Generation of Test Fixtures
  • Specialists for Embedded MP3 Modules, Embedded Technologies, and the Development of Customized Electronics
Ethical Electronics companies
The World Ethical Electronics Forum
  • Ethical Electronics Companies and People to Watch in 2022
  • World Ethical Electronics Forum 2021: The Electronics Industry and Its Ethical Commitment
  • Ethics in Electronics: What Is Your Opinion?
  • Climate Neutral in 2021, Every Year Counts!: Interview with Frank Riemenschneider (SEGGER)
  • The European Green Deal: Batteries Included
  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • New products from the Elektor Store
  • Elektor Featured on The Creative Minds Podcast

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