COM-HPC® is the emerging standard for high-end embedded computing; it is developed by PICMG®, with the active contribution of SECO, to bring next generation computing solutions into the embedded space. Most modern applications demand high performance due to the amount of data that need to be processed, usually requiring video stream and up to 8K resolution. Just to cite some examples: IoT devices, edge-computing, 5G traffic, robotics, smart factory, and safety/mission critical applications.

SECO, always at the forefront of the latest technologies, has developed its first COM-HPC® / Client module Size A (95 x 120 mm), with the 11th Generation Intel Core processors: the CHPC-C77-CSA.

The 11th Generation Intel Core processors combine high performance, low power consumption and IoT-centric features. With up to 4 Processor Cores delivering high-level computing performance, this brand-new family of Processors supports up to 64 GB of memory, also featuring IBECC (In-Band Error Correction Code) to provide ECC protection without additional devices and data pins. Intel Iris Xe graphics with up to 96 execution units, along with improved display capabilities – up to 4 simultaneous 4K displays – greatly enhance graphic and media performance.  The platform’s combination of speed, high powered Graphics, AI/Deep Learning Instruction Sets, including hardware support for real time computing, make it ideal for applications that demand vision, voice, or text recognition alongside processing power.   
Featuring the 11th Generation Intel Core processors, with up to 4 cores, SECO CHPC-C77-CSA comes in the COM-HPC® / Client standard form factor in Size A. Memory-wise, it supports up to 64 GB of DDR4-3200 on two DDR4 SO-DIMM Slots with IBECC. This module has integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics with up to 96 execution units, and a range of video interfaces such as 3xDDI, eDP and 2xMIPI-CSI, which can manage up to four separate high-resolution displays and up two cameras, as well as integrated Soundwire Audio interface. Coming to connectivity, this board is plentiful: 4x USB 4.0 / USB 3.2; 4x USB 2.0; 8x PCI-e Gen3; 4x PCI-e Gen4; up to 2x 2.5GbE. Finally, when it comes to OS this solution supports Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Wind River VxWorks 7.0, Wind River Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Yocto, and Android (post launch).
Also available in industrial temperature range, the CHPC-C77-CSA mainly target high-end industrial applications, but it is also suitable for Healthcare and Medical applications, Digital Signage and Infotainment, HMI, Edge Computing, Gaming, Robotics, and Transportation.
SECO CTO, Davide Catani, said: “11th Generation Intel Core Processors provides a big leap with respect earlier generation. SECO CHPC-C77-CSA COM-HPC client module fully exploits improved graphics and video pipes as well as cutting-edge high-speed interfaces such as PCIe gen 4 and USB 4. SECO CHPC-C77-CSA and 11th Generation Intel Core Processors are the opportunity for edge applications developers to take a dramatic step ahead and connect with the future of embedded computing.”

“SECO CHPC-C77-CSA client module is a consistent solution to fully utilize 11th Generation Intel Core processors which brings a power efficient platform to IoT-centric applications. CHPC-C77-CSA SOM unleashes 11th Generation Intel Core Processors’ high-speed interfaces and providing an enhanced security, AI/computer vision and industrial grade platform for next generation of edge products” – stated Andrea Toigo, Intel Corporation, EMEA Territory IoT Sales Manager.