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walterh 41 minuten geleden
For some days, some digits only partially light up. What can be the cause and someone has a solution for it? I'm grateful for any support. Walter
6-digit Nixie clock [150189]
fmmech_24 6 uur geleden
The ICL7660 do not work correctly with an reversed Tantal/Elko, i have had a similar problem on a different Project. Thanks for sharing!  
User Interface for Unilab2 Power Supply
Lg Greenhill
Lg Greenhill 14 uur geleden
Would it be possible to enter a time for the selected relay to be active and then deacivate after that duration? If so how would I do that? Wold that be done in the programming? I have an application where I need to have relays tiurn motors on for a set time and then stop. Thanks
9-Channel Relay Control Board with PC Interface (130549)
anto 22 uur geleden
Hi Anil, thank you for your interest in my project! The display you've chosen is similar to mine ( the I2C one, with four pins), but the resolution is lower (70 x 40 instead of 128 x 64) and the library used does not handle it correctly. Unfortunately I don't have a display of this type to try any changes to suggest you. Regarding the code, to display only voltage and current, simply comment on the lines relating to Power value and mAh value, just before the end of the Loop. To do this, you need to be able to modify the code (it's a sketch for Arduino IDE),  recompile it and program the ATtiny85 microcontroller (I don't know your skills!). In the end, this project is pretty nice, but has been conceived as it is, as a simple USB meter. For your needs you could perhaps consider a very interesting commercial product like this one: I hope this helped in some way! Best regards, Anto
OLED USB Voltage and Current Meter - UPDATED!
Dieter Aschmann
Dieter Aschmann 1 dag geleden
Are you a good observer, C19 is actually reversed. But so is four eyes see more than two. During the test - 5V on pin 4 were on the IC7 yet, so that is not noticed the mistake. C19 took no damage, obviously due to the relatively high operating voltage. The images show that this all worked. For IC5, can of course insert an ICL7660, noted in the circuit diagram. This IC is also much cheaper as MAX660. I had this copy in stock.    Dieter Aschmann  
User Interface for Unilab2 Power Supply