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Robert Schwarz
Robert Schwarz 20 uur geleden
Hi Werner, thanks for your reply, I have to check out your autoscaling, since I added buttons to adjust the pressure range and had to use a MEGA anyway fo have enough pins. Finished a prototype. Here is a link to the project (and some others) cheers, Robert PS: don't know why it won't let me post without youtube or vimeo address, so I put mine in even it is not related to the barograph, but still worthwhile watching ;)
Baroduino - Barograph with Arduino and 2,2" TFT screen [150425]
NickT 1 dag geleden
the sliding window version is fascinating - because the range of pressures increases with time, displaying a wider pan gives a good longer term picture, but then when you reduce the window to a few hours, the detail really pops out,. SET at 6 hours here and the span is + /- 2 mB - I know that there is rain approaching so its showing a sharpish reduction but wiyh noise riding on it - when the rain does arive, there is ususlly a spike - cooler denser air I guess. Well worth installing just to see what the pressure does. Th reading that I have done suggests that I should see some global effects, but to do that, a real time clock would be useful, even so, there was a disturbance visible when the earthquake hit Turkey  a few days ago - not sure if that ws what I was seeing though.  
Baroduino - Barograph with Arduino and 2,2" TFT screen [150425]
TechDoc 1 dag geleden
Sure . . . but he needs the car to go to his workshop !  (don't you ?)
Easy Parking System [170080]
Mo Ve
Mo Ve 1 dag geleden
Fantastisch projectje voor muzikanten!!!
MusicNotes: game: learn how to read and play the right notes.
gfaman 1 dag geleden
After around 6 versions done with the previous configuration, I did a new version with only 2 PCBs, much easier to manufacture and assembly. All the CPU board, the RTC are now on the main round PCB. I still keep the same CPU, hesitating to move to the QFP version but more difficult to solder. The tube PCB is using now a small 14 pins connector to connect to the main round PCB. So, it can be easily put and remove. Now, there are 2 batteries which is double the autonomy. It was around 1 week already and will be double. SW has been improve with a new feature about the shaddow detection. Now, we can choose no shaddow, or instant shaddow or average of the last 4 sec for trigger the display. For fun, I made a blue backlight version. the PCB is not yet plan for it but the rendering is nice... More pictures hereafter and on the shop: Laurent
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