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Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 6 uur geleden
There is only a file "3DisplaysAlarmClock.sch" inside, the same as in zip under "other". Can you check this, please. Regards.
3 displays alarm-clock with TFT screen, developped with Arduino
Volker 8 uur geleden (in Swedish) sorry, but it is predominantly directed towards Swedish high school teachers and students...
Radiomush, radiology of mushrooms, 30+ years after Tjernobyl
Electroremy 21 uur geleden
Yes I read the whole instruction before starting assembly The intermediate tests are OK ; but unfortunatelly, when I finished the case, It does not work Yes I mean PCB case ... I still think it's not a good idea. And also when you make your own PCBs, it's not a low cost solution to use PCB as case. For the TAPIR, a little piece of plumbing copper tube that everybody can get  for will be a good solution for a both shieled, beautifull, solid and low-cost case For my own projects, I'd prefer wood, plastic or plexiglass case Also I'm afraid that now we need to deal with small SMD case for every project With classic components (no-SMD) it will be 10 times faster to assemble and easy to repair. And you can also make a small PCB with classic components ! On other projects, I find ridiculous to get a big PCB with small PCB and a lost of wasted space on the PCB Indeed, I'm interesting with a no-SMD version diagram and component list to made my own :-)
Tapir - Ultrasensitive wideband magnetic/electromagnetic field detector
PerN 23 uur geleden
I can not find any "download original" link. I also tried to go to full screen. Is there anyone who can give a more detailed description on how to download the schematics? Thank you!
Navtex receiver
Denis  Holliday
Denis Holliday 1 dag geleden
The Naim Uniti has an option to select a high pass filter before the power amplifier, set at 100Hz, to limit low frequencies to "small" loudspeakers. A Sub bass unit is then used to provide the deep bass. It works very well allowing the "small" loudspeakers to do what they do best. Could such an option be considered for this unit ?
Active audio crossover filter