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Gixy31 11 uur geleden
Archive source et fichiers stl
Waterflow Monitor
Gixy31 12 uur geleden
Bonjour et merci. L'archive contenant les sources et les fichiers pour l'impression 3D du boîtier sont ici : (le lien est sur la page de l'article, mais pas sur cete page, je vais essayer de l'ajouter).
Waterflow Monitor
LekkyTenore 21 uur geleden
The schematic is here.
Sunlight-rejecting opto-switch
iulian paul NAIDIN
iulian paul NAIDIN 1 dag geleden
Bonjour, Bravo pour ce projet. Je serait interessé egalement par le sources du projet et les caracteristiques de differents modules. Comment puis-je vous contacter ? Merci d'avance.
Waterflow Monitor
Daniel Dancopy Fernandes
Daniel Dancopy Fernandes 1 dag geleden
Hi, Bera! how are you? Did you get to try out the draft 4" TFT Analog-GPS clock on Arduino? It's been a while since I tried to use it with the Display 3.5 inch ILI9488 with esp8266 Nodemcu or esp32 but it did not work (showed some errors). Have you tried or updated the sketch for ESP? You told me about these other two projects: Youtube link1 & Youtube link2 but, I prefer the 4" TFT Analog-GPS clock on Arduino. If you have something updated and you want to send me, I thank you. If you prefer, my email is: Note1: I have both 3.2 inch ILI9341 and 3.5 inch ILI9488. Note2: I had sent you, attached, the photo of my display: TFT ili9488 3.5" (1.6 MB) - I think you did not see it. Thank you very much, Daniel Fernandes
4” TFT Analog-GPS clock on Arduino